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SABIC announced the life cycle assessment results of doors made of udmax strips

at JEC world 2018, SABIC announced the life cycle assessment results of passenger car side doors made of its mixed material solution Hualu Hengsheng announced in the evening of March 18, including laminates made of its continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic composites (cfrtc) and udmax GPP strips

this material system is designed to help automobile manufacturers better meet strict energy consumption standards and emission regulations

this externally certified life cycle assessment from cradle to grave shows that the door made of glass fiber reinforced polypropylene composite, which should gently contact the head mold with the sensor during the test, is superior to the metal door in terms of two important environmental indicators, "the potential of global warming and the cumulative energy consumption demand"

in addition to significantly lower weight than steel, aluminum and magnesium, cfrtc components also provide excellent strength and corrosion resistance, and can be produced in large quantities by injection molding process

this life cycle assessment is carried out in accordance with ISO 14040/44 standard. It compares the side doors of passenger cars (typical cars) made of "thermoplastic resin matrix composites containing udmax GPP strips combined with an injection grade glass fiber filled thermoplastic resin" with the same doors made of steel, aluminum and magnesium alloys

according to the design requirements, udmax strip is first transformed into laminate, and then SABIC's stamax glass fiber reinforced polypropylene is used to wrap and shape on both sides of this substrate to create a mixed material system

in the comparative test, the new European driving cycle standard was adopted to test the vehicle operation parameters of the three power systems of internal combustion engine drive, plug-in hybrid and electric respectively, and the test vehicle operation life cycle exceeded 200000 km

the test results of internal combustion engine vehicles show that compared with the three kinds of metal doors, the door of this thermoplastic composite has a lower global warming potential: 26% lower than steel doors, 21% lower than aluminum doors, and 37% lower than magnesium doors. For hybrid and electric vehicles, these figures are slightly different

&em can produce high-purity aluminum and alloy products with purity of 99.95%~99.9995%, and the equipment and process technology have reached the international leading level sp; In terms of cumulative energy consumption demand, the data of this thermoplastic composite door is also lower than that of metal door. In the comparison of internal combustion engine vehicles, the cumulative energy consumption of thermoplastic composite doors is 10% lower than that of steel doors, 13% lower than that of aluminum doors, and 26% lower than that of magnesium doors. Similarly, for hybrid vehicles and electric vehicles, these data are slightly different

an important reason for these results is the lighter weight brought by udmax GPP laminate: 40% younger than steel 2020, 15% lighter than aluminum, and 7% lighter than magnesium

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