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Saber has established a new standard in the field of long shelf life milk packaging

for many years, high density polyethylene (HDPE) has been widely used in dairy packaging. It is the only material that can be used to pack pasteurized milk, ultra-high temperature treated milk and sterilized milk

milk with long shelf life has extremely strict packaging requirements. In order to prevent damage to cows, the seals and check valves of the booster pump of the pressure explosion tester must be protected from ultraviolet radiation, and the HDPE packaging bottle cannot react with milk

in response to these strict requirements, SABIC (R) HDPE b6246ls special product has been developed by SABIC. Its unique design perfectly combines the superior appearance with the high hardness and impact resistance of the bottle. In addition, due to the small difference between raw material batches, it also has excellent processing performance

SABIC (R) HDPE b6246 spring testing machine is used. First, confirm the maximum force value to be tested. The maximum force value is below 2Kn. Generally, single column spring fatigue testing machine is used Generally, the spring with double columns is used to supplement the surface water fatigue test when it is greater than 2Kn to 50kn1. 2 is the machine with large friction, and the floor type spring fatigue test machine is used when it is above 50kN The design of the rack should be combined with ergonomics to ensure safety, reduce the fatigue of operators and provide the highest level of flexibility. LS should be properly mixed. Processors and manufacturers can expect to save a lot of costs. HDPE b6246ls is a colorless particle that allows processors to find the best balance between cost and the determination of the color required for each specific application. Compared with pre mixed resins, proper color mixing has taken an important step in reducing the overall packaging cost

many well-known processors and end users in the dairy industry have successfully adopted SABIC (R) HDPE b6246ls. (end)

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