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Saber foundation announced major findings on the performance of Lexan PC Windows

recently, saber foundation innovative plastics announced major new findings on the performance advantages of Lexan polycarbonate (PC) windows at the VDI automotive engineering plastics seminar

lexan PC car windows have been proved to be a weight reduction technology that can reduce fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions. Now, the advanced data analysis on the thermal insulation performance of Lexan PC shows that this resin has lower thermal conductivity than glass, which helps to reduce the power load of HVAC system. New research results confirm the value of Lexan PC Windows in helping traditional cars, hybrid cars and electric vehicles improve energy efficiency. These research results come from the R & D team of exatec LCC, a subsidiary of saber basic innovative plastics

the thermal insulation performance of Lexan PC resin can reduce the demand of heating and air conditioning systems at the same time. The exatec team of saber basic innovative plastics uses computational fluid dynamics (CFD) to simulate two car configurations, one of which uses PC rear windshield and sunroof, and the other uses rear windshield and sunroof made of glass. The test simulates the cold and hot climatic conditions, and considers the static and moving conditions of the vehicle

these results show that PC glass has lower inherent thermal conductivity than tempered glass, which can reduce the total steady-state heat transfer between the interior and exterior of the car. This performance is expected to reduce the emissions of traditional vehicles and hybrid vehicles that need to redevelop software, while extending the battery life of hybrid and electric vehicles

saber basic innovative plastics has developed a series of new Lexan PC resin products with infrared (IR) energy absorption function

these mass-produced products can reduce the solar heat entering the interior of the car. By absorbing solar energy, these Lexan products can further reduce the load of the air conditioning system, which is conducive to improving fuel economy and reducing emissions

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