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SAA Jinuo Co., Ltd. and Ronglian Qimo Co., Ltd. jointly build extreme speed rescue services

recently, SAA Jinuo rescue, one of the country's largest road rescue service providers, joined hands with Ronglian Qimo, the leader in the field of intelligent customer service, to create an intelligent extreme speed rescue service platform by using Qimo intelligent cloud customer service, cloud call center, large screen monitoring and other intelligent products

as one of the largest automobile road rescue service providers in China, SAA Gino rescue has always been a pioneer in the construction of industry informatization, actively exploring the service mode of Internet + automobile road rescue, and taking the lead in building an intelligent rescue service system with independent intellectual property rights in the industry, realizing the intelligent matching of rescue orders, which can replace spraying in some occasions Many innovative functions such as systematic management and intelligent automatic dispatching of rescue vehicles. With the strength of the platform, it has won many awards such as the most influential brand enterprise and service innovation enterprise in the domestic auto rescue industry

in August 2019, when typhoon lichima No. 9 made landfall, SAA Gino rescue received 295 rescue requests in Zhejiang alone in less than an hour, all of which were calls for help in emergencies such as heavy rainfall, vehicle smashing, serious accidents, damage and trapping caused by the typhoon. SAA Gino rescue dispatched more than 300 vehicles to 37 counties for rescue within 40 minutes, showing the strong response ability and operation strength of SAA Gino rescue platform

the most important thing of road rescue is timeliness to ensure the stability of communication between vehicle owners and rescue personnel. This time, Ronglian Qimo and SAA Gino joined hands to create a barrier free communication service platform for SAA Gino rescue services to ensure the rapid connection between car owners and rescue

as a leader in the field of intelligent customer service, Ronglian Qimo relies on ai+ big data capabilities. At present, its products have covered and attached importance to the whole scene of computer-controlled enterprise customer service of machines, so as to improve service efficiency for enterprises

Ronglian qimoyun customer service has strong call center capabilities, and the lightweight packaging needs to maintain the performance and functions of the original packaging to ensure the stable and clear communication between front-line rescue personnel and vehicle owners throughout the call process; Cooperate with memory allocation. When the owner enters the line again, give priority to the first responders to ensure complete closed-loop service and reduce invalid communication time; At the same time, the incoming call pop-up screen reminds the customer service center agent to pick up at the first time, improving the agent's response speed, and sending the rescue information into a work order during the call, so as to improve the rescue efficiency

Ronglian Qimo large screen monitoring can integrate the multi-dimensional data generated in the process of SAA Gino service, and visually analyze and display the data such as the answering rate, seat status, unanswered calls, incoming area distribution, concurrent data, etc., so as to realize the intelligent monitoring, early warning and scheduling monitoring of the platform

when a centralized emergency occurs, it will not be affected by the situation that the car owner's rescue information cannot be received at the first time due to the concurrent failure to enter the line, the busy seats and the failure to enter the line, so as to ensure that the SAA Gino rescue customer service center does not miss any one-way rescue and save the cost of secondary callback time. At the same time, according to the distribution of incoming areas, we can quickly know whether there is a large area in need of rescue, and make rescue scheduling in advance

at present, SAA Gino rescue currently covers 17 provinces and cities across the country, providing rapid rescue services for more than 500 cities. In order to ensure the timeliness of the rescue, SAA Gino rescue customer service center is 365 days x24 hours all year round to ensure that the rescue service is uninterrupted, and ensure that every person in need of rescue orders are not missed. This sense of society has been collected in half a day, which is worth learning from every enterprise

saa Jinuo and Ronglian Qimo jointly build the fast rescue service, which helps the rescue industry again, solves the corresponding communication problems encountered in the service process, improves the timeliness and touch rate of the rescue service, and accelerates the intelligent monitoring and scheduling response of the whole platform

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