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Saber basic innovative plastic PC multi-layer plate adds color to the Polish European Championship stadium

the Lexan thermoclear plate of saber basic innovative plastic is used to make the ceiling of the Silesia stadium in Poland in the 2012 European Football Championship

saber basic innovative plastics recently announced that after the successful application of lexanthermoclear polycarbonate (PC) multi-layer plate product series in more than 50 gymnasiums around the world, taking into account the requirements of product characteristics, utilization and durability, the new ultra stiffelexanthermoclear plate once again surprised and won, adding icing on the cake to this product series

because the ultra stifflexanthermoclear plate has the ability to resist the local strong winds and heavy snow in Poland, it will be used in the 2012 European Cup Football Championship stadium in khoruv, Silesia (lski), Poland, to build a free suspended ceiling with an area of 43000 square meters. This new 25 mm, three-layer, X-shaped material can protect 55200 spectators from bad weather while ensuring that the molding area of the FC 780 e Speedmaster in the natural light projection hall is 780 x 570mm

after completion at the end of 2010, Silesia gymnasium uses a single 1500 mm wide transparent ultra stifflexanthermoclear plate to build its oval free hanging ceiling. Although the top area of the venue is huge, the weight of the ceiling built with this plate is very light compared with that of glass, which simplifies the installation process and provides greater design freedom. For example, different shapes and configurations can be manufactured through cold processing. Thermoserrpoland is carrying out ceiling installation

lexanut stiffthermoclear plate has excellent performance, which can resist extreme wind and snow weather, and the load is up to 2200n/㎡ pressure (equivalent to withstanding 200km/h wind). The impact resistance of this new type of plate product is 250 times that of glass, which reduces the crushing risk caused by strong winds, hail and other extreme weather and man-made damage. The multi-layer structure of the board has excellent thermal insulation performance. These important features can protect the audience from the impact of bad weather, and reduce the wind resistance on the field, which is conducive to athletes to give full play to their strength

the material of this saber based innovative plastic has excellent flame retardancy and meets the requirements of the European safety and fire prevention standard EN. Huafeng spandex is required as the raw material supporting supplier of the project. It has anti ultraviolet (UV) coating on both sides, which can effectively block solar radiation and prevent polycarbonate from turning yellow. The color of ultra stifflexanthermoclear plate can be customized according to the specific requirements of customers

for the fading, light transmittance and impact strength reduction caused by weathering, the material shall be provided with a 20-year written quality guarantee

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