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PPG released the first water-based automotive touch up paint in Sri Lanka

PPG released the first water-based automotive touch up paint in Sri Lanka

December 28, 2015

[China paint information] PPG Asia (lanca) the failure of this component will cause pendulum control failure. The paint company recently announced the official launch of envirobase high-performance automotive touch up paint in Sri Lanka, This is the first environmentally friendly waterborne automotive coating in Sri Lanka's automotive repair coating industry

prestige automobile company is the first customer in Sri Lanka to put PPG water-based products into use. The water-based coating not only has a low content of volatile organic compounds, which meets the increasingly stringent environmental requirements of countries for such products, but also can protect and beautify new vehicles in the world. According to Biju Ramachandran Nair, a regional manager of PPG Asia coatings, envirobase high-performance product line is currently the world's leading high-end waterborne primer repair system. Now it has entered Sri Lanka, and the local automotive repair coating industry can officially put this latest technology recognized by the world's leading automotive brands into market operation

PPG Asia coating company is a joint venture between American PPG Industrial Company and Asian coating company, which is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Asian coatings and a new chapter in China Pakistan Relations with "amazing" results

PPG industrial company previously acquired the American IVC industrial coatings company. The company accelerates the industrialization and wide-ranging utilization of new material technology achievements, operates five production workshops in the United States, a factory in Guangdong, China, and a small R & D laboratory in Manchester, England

PPG industries is a global supplier of protective and protective coatings, "said Dr. Jonathan hill, chief technology officer of adivant. Provide various performance coatings, industrial coatings and architectural coatings for the end application market. Founded in 1883, it is headquartered in Pittsburgh and has operations in nearly 70 countries around the world. Net sales in 2014 were reported to have reached $15.4 billion

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