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PPG forecast: red, purple, blue and yellow will become the mainstream colors of home decoration from 2012 to 2013

on November 4, 2011, Pittsburgh, the United States - according to the prediction of PPG industries (New York Stock Exchange code: PPG) architectural coatings division on the mainstream colors of home decoration from 2012 to 2013: the return of strong colors will reach a climax in 2012. In order to seek a strong visual impact, the hesitant home decoration owners in the past will decisively choose dark and bright colors this year. Owners will inject indigo blue, full red, purple constantly extending the industrial chain and yellow close to neon light into their home decoration plans. These colors are only four of the 20 colors provided in the insider's color guide, the trend forecast of PPG architectural coatings 2012

"maintaining intensity is a survival strategy in times of crisis." Dee Schlotter, brand manager of PPG architectural paint "the voice of color", gave this explanation for the recent home decoration color, "for some people, this means chasing the ultimate senses and resisting the mediocre and tasteless living state accompanied by cynicism and disillusionment; for others, this means' breaking the connection 'and reconnecting with the life that flies by."

pursuers of extreme senses will use bright colors to amplify the color concentration of their own lives. They will be close to those colors that can stimulate their senses and mobilize them. They will choose colors that are full of vitality, optimism, impact and cannot be ignored. Their living space will be full of strong contrast: light and heavy, light and dark, hot and cold. Bold and eye-catching colors will make them stand out from the crowd and show their personality

for those who feel that life has become a survival competition, they will pay more attention to the inner spiritual world. They seek a strong sense by slowing down the pace of life and adapting to a simple lifestyle. Now, they will reduce their activities, set aside time, and taste their current life more truly and deeply. They will create a color space full of mystery and intimacy with deep and rich colors, and place themselves in this peaceful and low-key private space

this pursuit of strong feelings has two aspects: on the one hand, it is the pursuit of pleasure; On the other hand, it is a sense of self-existence. Both of them come from the same understanding: people only have a lifetime, and there is no time to waste. When they find this strong feeling, it is fast, short, fleeting, and positive. It is an ongoing passion that can bring you energy and motivation. Strong life makes people more strongly experience the rich taste of the world, and at the same time, it also makes people reflect on and communicate again the quiet beauty of the world - "the smallest pleasure" and the most ordinary happy moments, such as the smell of moss under the Bush, the breeze passing by, the clear sunset and the laughter of children

PPG architectural paint uses a set of five color cards to present the main colors of the trend. These color cards can provide a complete color solution for home space, from paint to window treatment, to the ground and fabric. Schlotter said, "trend is by no means covered by one color. It includes all color combinations in a space."

the "sound of color" project of PPG architectural coatings added four trendy color streams for 2012-2013 in the professional color guide. These four color systems are sold at PPG architectural paint dealers all over the United States. They are:

local Revival: the core of this trend color is to stay away from the noise of life, enjoy a simple life, be harmonious with the community, find the natural rhythm of the season, and regain the feeling of local food and raw materials. Handicraft is valued. Leather, wood, old metal and other solid and simple raw materials are also respected. The design forms are mainly simple and familiar styles, such as ancient industrial style and retro mechanical style. In addition, folk style patterns are also used to convey the story of years and years

color combinations include red berry color, stone gray and darker brown, as well as milky white that plays an eye-catching and foil role. PPG architectural paint provides colors for this color combination, including: rum punch color (), burning red (), almond sugar and cream color (), Earl gray () and poppy pod color ()

beautiful queen: this color combination expresses the aspirations of confident and high spirited contemporary women. This is the return of a gorgeous style mixed with the essence of Disco fashion. It has a distinctive feminine color, but it does not exclude its own self-confidence, gentle, and masculine charm. Its high color intensity can quickly produce bright and light effects in a small space. Confident and mysterious, soft and fresh, full of girlish flavor but not stop here. These internal contrasts and conflicts are exactly what extreme sensory chasers want. Smooth surfaces such as transparent synthetic resin and mirrors vividly capture the spirit of the 1970s

under the effect of makeup pink, the sharp Fuchsia Pink and juice purple become softer, and they are very eye-catching against the bright Teal Blue and white this year. The colors PPG architectural paint provides for this color combination include: grape juice (), mixed fruit ice cream (), swirl blue (), candlelight Beige (), and brandy Alexander Cocktail ()

calm Technology: create a space that can be far away from the noise for you with great structural differences. Therefore, minimalism is the basis of this trend. The whole room is full of visual pleasure, but it does not appear complex and messy. The whole space uses as little detail decoration as possible, and light colors and intermediate colors do not occupy the main part of the space in the printing process of PLA materials. Pay attention to the tactile circle to form the main body of the shape, so as to avoid the desolation or cold feeling of the whole room

in this color combination, ink blue is matched with simple and calm neutral colors. The colors PPG architectural paint provides for this color combination include: stone gray (), blue hanging fish (), Chinese white porcelain (), earthy yellow () and hot pleasure color ()

decorative candy: this color combination combines vivid and active colors with fun filled design, turning the family into a happy playground. This bright and harmonious orange is strongly tinted with bright blue, clean green and orange, which are popular this year. The whole color combination has an irresistible sense of optimism. The patterns dominated by bars and color patches give these noisy and happy tones a certain order and structure

color can awaken the senses. The colors PPG architectural paint provides for this color combination include: mother of Pearl (), Persian blue (), heart Hosta (), citrus dream (), and citrus spice ()

ppg architectural paint can provide all the color combinations recommended in the professional color guide from 2012 to 2013, as well as other 2000 colors in the "sound of color" project, including pure performance, manor hall and manor hall timeless. Pure performance high-quality paint has the characteristics of no VOC in the primer and minimal odor during brushing and drying. Manor hall timeless is also a high-performance paint. Compared with competitive brands, it has better coverage effect and brighter paint surface

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the "sound of color" project of PPG architectural coatings added four trendy color systems for 2012-2013 in the professional color guide (clockwise from the top left): local Renaissance, beauty queen, calm technology and decorative candy

ppg: color leader

ppg has hired more than 20 color style experts all over the world. Each of them focuses on a specific market and jointly determines the popular styles and colors of home decoration, consumer electronics and automotive consumer goods. PPG's special position as a color leader in many markets enables it to observe the emerging global color trend and transform it into the color application required by customers - D2 - the average thickness of the test piece after the experiment ranges from consumer goods to cars, from home to commercial decoration, to color selection in the field of industrial design. Please visit our new website to see the impact of color on PPG's business and our customers

about "the voice of color"

"the voice of color" is a design system. Its premise is that every color is connected with people's emotions; Moreover, each of us tends to different colors because of the unique personality of talent. "The voice of color" provides decoration owners with personal and interactive experience in this way, helping them find a harmonious color family and a color combination that can reflect their own personality and improve their own style. We use five color cards to present color combinations, which is convenient for consumers to coordinate the color application of all decoration elements in the home space. In addition, it is also a unique color collection that can inspire style inspiration (such as manor style, historical color style, and other colors inspired by Fallingwater). It is the favorite of designers and can provide expert reference. For more information or ordering color tools and resources, please visit the address:

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