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PPG master paint: focusing on color, adding color to life

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ppg master paint: focusing on color, adding color to life

November 15, 2019

cities need color, buildings need color, and life needs color. Color plays an irreplaceable role in the development process of human civilization, in which color gives the history, culture, and even soul of cities. Integrating bright colors into the design can add an unusual interest to life, and the life posture of the building is therefore more eye-catching

today we share a work inspired by the works of architect balagan, which integrates natural emotions and makes life artistic paint

Xinhu · feilinshan


dream model room

design333 Sansheng building

Xinhu feilinshan project is located in the south of the intersection of Wener West Road and Lvting road in Hangzhou future science and Technology City, enjoying high-quality supporting resources in the core area of the future science and technology city. The overall planning, architecture and landscape design of the project are integrated into the concept of "urban mountain living", and will eventually be built into a new mountain living community in Hangzhou with good ecological environment, convenient transportation, beautiful scenery, complete supporting facilities and rich humanistic atmosphere. Let people fully enjoy the ecological, harmonious, comfortable, fashionable, scientific and technological living space, and open a brand-new urban mountain living lifestyle of building, living and enjoying close to the mountain. The architectural design adopts the new Asian modern style, and the treatment of the residential facade takes the return of "home" as the concept to express the classic reproduction of the modern style. The exterior facade of the residence adopts the stone curtain wall system, which makes the facade color more exquisite and thick, reflecting the atmosphere and dignity of the overall style

the appearance of Beirut beige marble warm color system is both solemn and harmonious with nature under the shadow of light; The sloping roof and the roof of the ground floor veranda echo the surrounding mountains; Landscape nodes, sketches, retaining walls, and seedlings are also scattered with the ups and downs of the mountain. The rich scenery of the mountain makes this park a beautiful resting place

dream model room was built by Ms. Li Yien, a Chinese American designer. Based on the strong scale and gas field presented in the space, and the aesthetic preferences of high net worth people who require the experimental machine recording device to draw force deformation, force displacement and force time curves in the verification regulation, it takes the natural ecology of Xixi Wetland and the works of architect balagan as inspiration to create different styles

living room on the first floor

wall style with strong colors Jinan testing machine factory customers visited, matched with geometric square shaped ceiling lights, mixed with strange spatial effects, the color of the whole space reached a consistent balance, full of the atmosphere of contemporary art and design

parents' room on the second floor

bright yellow as the main color, lively and youthful, unconventional

children's room on the second floor

bold color matching skillfully connects the children's living space

the master bedroom on the third floor

is mainly in mint green, and the ground adopts three different combinations of marble mosaic, black, Yashi white and Indian green, giving the ground a three-dimensional feeling of space

the parent-child interaction space in the underground interlayer

the designer creates an interesting and comfortable sofa area with fabrics of different colors. The ground of the space adopts imitation black-and-white marble floor tiles, the shape of the ceiling connects the structural columns of the wall, and the geometric simple structures. The whole color is integrated with the color of the ceiling

project address: South of the intersection of Wenyi West Road and shangcang road in Hangzhou future science and technology city

developer: Xinhu real estate

they are often littered, landfilled, or polluted the sea and rivers. Design unit: design333 Sansheng building

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