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PPG again won the "multinational enterprise China Contribution Award"

PPG Industrial Company ranked 26th among the 100 listed enterprises in the "glory and - 2009 multinational company China contribution list" announced last Friday, and won the "2009 multinational company China Contribution Award" jointly issued by China enterprise daily and the China enterprise CSR research center. The "China contribution list of multinational companies" was first announced in 2008, and PPG ranked 28th last year

when accepting the award on behalf of PPG, Ms. yancaiming, general manager of PPG industries Asia Pacific, said: "As one of the first global coating companies to invest in China in the late 1980s, PPG has been committed to local investment and business growth. Even last year's global economic recession has not stopped our development in China. In 2009, we made two key investments in China, namely, the construction of the aviation material application reinforcement center in Tianjin and the construction of PPG's first resin plant in China in Zhangjiagang."

at present, PPG has 14 factories in China, which comply with high-scale environmental, health, safety and product safety standards, and make great efforts to develop environmental protection and energy-saving products. For example, the resin factory in Zhangjiagang will become a "green model factory" of PPG because of its environmental protection characteristics. The construction of the factory will use PPG's "green" building materials, such as low VOC coatings and low radiation glass

Ms. Yan introduced, "PPG will meet the high environmental protection standards in the process of designing, building and operating the plant, save energy, water and raw materials, and adopt the most advanced pollution control measures."

in addition, PPG is one of the first companies in North America and Europe to use full oxygen combustion technology in float glass and glass fiber production lines. Today, PPG is promoting this technology among glass manufacturers around the world, including China, thereby reducing fuel consumption by 15%

maintain air circulation from 1994; In, the factory with 20 or 30 employees in Tianjin has more than 3800 employees in China. While PPG develops its business in China, it also encourages its employees to have a high sense of environment and society at all times

Ms. Yan said, "in China, PPG's public welfare flow covers every community that invests in the construction of factories. We carry out at least 3 to 4 flows in more than three communities every year, and the investment amount of more than 20 can prevent the colorant from dissolving or leaching into food. The average number of employees participating in the flow is more than 60%, and we expect this number to increase year by year, which makes us very proud."

for example, in the 2008 Sichuan earthquake, PPG has been providing assistance to the disaster areas since the earthquake in May and the rotational resistance of tires accounted for 14.4% of fuel consumption. First of all, PPG responded ahead of time after the disaster, donating 500000 yuan to buy disaster relief items. At the same time, the company launched an initiative to encourage love donations to pan Bo consumers. For every barrel of "Jujiang" paint, "shenniuli" paint and "Ivy" paint sold in the Chinese market, the company donated one yuan to the disaster area for post disaster reconstruction. At the beginning of 2009, PPG Foundation donated another 5000 US dollars to Pittsburgh Chinese school to purchase books at Pittsburgh Chunlei primary school in Guangyuan City, Sichuan Province. Not only that, in September last year, PPG also helped build 50 "PPG love libraries" in Zitong County, Mianyang, one of the hardest hit areas, and donated more than 150000 books and PPG high-performance environmental protection coatings, with a total value of more than 4 million yuan

Yan Caiming added, "PPG values clearly point out 'recognizing the concerns and needs of society', and this value has always been the purpose and philosophy of PPG company in building factories in China and even around the world. PPG also takes society as one of the important factors for enterprise success and sustainable development."

"China's contribution list of multinational companies" is evaluated based on the "ten contribution indexes" system, including 10 major and 44 minor reference indicators such as "employment and employee rights protection", "environmental protection and energy conservation and emission reduction", After in-depth research and evaluation, experts from many powerful institutions determine the percentage system score and announce the ranking

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