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PPG successfully held the "colorful community" activity in Tianjin shepherd children's village

PPG successfully held the "colorful community" activity in Tianjin shepherd children's village

April 30, 2019

Tianjin, China, April 28, 2019 - yesterday, PPG (New York Stock Exchange code: PPG) "colorful community" activity was successfully held in Tianjin Wuqing shepherd children's village, helping renovate five dormitory buildings in the shepherd children's village. The "colorful community" activity was jointly held with the TEDA Charity Association, with a total of more than 150 PPG employees and family volunteers participating, contributing a total of more than 450 hours of volunteer service time, beautifying the living environment for more than 100 disabled children living in the children's village every year. At the same time, the volunteers also held some interesting games and painting activities to interact and communicate with the children

ppg invested 750 gallons (2839 liters) of masters for this event ™ Interior wall paint, a total of more than 87000 US dollars (a total of 592000 yuan) of products and services

"colorful community" project aims to bring color and vitality to the community where PPG operates globally through employee volunteer services, paint donations and charitable donations. Tianjin, where this event is held, is the location of PPG's operations, including factories, application support centers and future research and development institutions

Tianjin shepherd's land children's village is a foreign-funded welfare institution that provides care and protection for orphaned and disabled children. However, the dormitory building in shepherd's land children's village has been established for more than ten years and is no longer suitable for children to live. The renovation of the dormitory building not only provides a livable environment for children, but also provides conditions for the expansion of shepherd's land children's village to accommodate 50 orphaned and disabled children

Bei Tianmu, the founder of shepherd's land children's village, said: "we are very happy to get the help of PPG to paint our dormitory building, which has been used for many years. Such a colorful living environment is of great significance to the healthy and happy growth of our disabled orphans."

the orphans and disabled children in shepherd's land children's village once painted a home full of love, which is what the children most desire. Inspired by this, PPG launched a painting design around the theme of "love and home". Volunteers used more than 30 colors to beautify five dormitory buildings; Moreover, different functional spaces are distinguished by specific colors, such as pink for girls' rooms, blue for boys' rooms, and beige for public spaces; At the same time, five kinds of graphics are depicted in the opportunity period of need strategy that is still in progress - sun, birds, flowers, small grass and house. Internationally, the dormitory building in shepherd's land children's village has become vibrant, full of color and hope

"colorful community" activity reflects PPG's unremitting efforts to improve the living standards of residents in the community, especially for special groups. " Ms. yancaiming, general manager of corporate and government affairs in PPG Asia Pacific region, said, "we sincerely hope that by creating a more colorful and bright living environment, children in shepherd's land children's village can have a healthy, happy and happy childhood."

the "colorful community" project initiated and advocated by PPG aims to support, protect and beautify the communities where PPG operates worldwide. Through the "colorful community" project, PPG staff volunteers invested time and donated PPG paint products to transform the community, and participated in various activities, including painting classrooms, decorating maternity wards with colors, and redesigning playgrounds. Since 2015, PPG has completed more than 200 "colorful community" projects, covering more than 5.2 million people in 30 countries

ppg company Leaders of shepherd's children's village and TEDA Charity Association jointly unveiled the "colorful community" activity (from left to right: Fu Shi, Shan Qi, Yan Caiming, Ni Yawei, Bei Tianmu, Li Haibo, Zhuang Yafei and Chen Jihong)

(2) high and low temperature fixtures are small in size. Ms. Yan Caiming, general manager of PPG Asia Pacific Enterprises and government affairs, painted the dormitory building

PPG Tianjin factory staff volunteers with "birds" More than 150 employees and family volunteers of PPG Tianjin factory participated in painting and painting activities for artistic modeling. PPG and PPG foundation are committed to bringing color and brightness to the communities where PPG operates globally. We invested more than $9million in community organizations in 28 countries in 2018. By investing in educational opportunities, we have helped cultivate many current technicians and tomorrow's innovators in coating, special materials and other related industries. In addition, we also encourage employees to participate in activities that will have an important impact on them by supporting their voluntary activities and charitable donations. More domestic market participants through ldquo; Arbitrage windowrdquo; Interest, please browse

PPG: we protect and beautify the world TM

PPG (NYSE Code: PPG) has been committed to developing and providing reliable paint, coating and material products for customers for more than 135 years. Adhering to the spirit of dedication and innovation, PPG explains that customers should meet all kinds of severe challenges and jointly promote the progress of the industry. PPG is headquartered in Pittsburgh, the United States. Its operations and R & D institutions are located in more than 70 countries around the world. In 2018, the company's global net sales reached US $15.4 billion. PPG provides high value-added products and services to customers in the fields of construction, consumer goods, industry, transportation and their after-sales markets. For more information, please browse

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