The hottest PPG Wuhan factory resumes production

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PPG Wuhan factory resumed production

PPG Wuhan factory resumed production relatively speaking.

March 31, 2020

PPG Wuhan factory resumed production

two months after the city was closed due to the novel coronavirus epidemic, PPG's adhesive and sealing rubber factory in Wuhan resumed production on March 23

with the resumption of production of PPG's adhesive and sealing rubber factory in Wuhan on March 23, PPG has started operation in all factories in China

James Cheng, director of Wuhan factory, said, "our resumption of work marks that the impact of the novel coronavirus epidemic on PPG's operations in China is gradually decreasing."

the fixed position of production signs should be correct, flat and solid, and the workshop should not be tilted.

due to the outbreak of novel coronavirus, PPG Wuhan plant has been closed since January 22, which coincides with the annual shutdown measure of the plant to meet the Spring Festival. Wuhan has implemented strict isolation measures since January 23, and repeatedly delayed the termination date

after the resumption of work of 15 other PPG factories in China, Wuhan factory finally resumed production


Wuhan is the first area where the COVID-19 broke out, and it is also the most seriously affected area in China. Since late December 2019, after three months of hard work and selfless dedication, the epidemic has been brought under control

With the increase of automation equipment, the output increases

office disinfection

under the guidance of PPG Asia Pacific leadership team, Wuhan factory strictly implements all the requirements of the government and the company. In accordance with the "one PPG" concept, the global members of the PPG team made contributions and provided material and spiritual support during the closure of the city

factory disinfection

James Cheng said, "these prevention and control measures have achieved remarkable results. We can not only resume operations, but also say that no Wuhan employees or their families have been infected with the virus so far."

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