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PPG released 2019 financial guidelines

Pittsburgh, United States, January 21, 2019 - for example, the replacement of metal materials and engineering plastics. PPG (NYSE: PPG) recently announced some operational and financial goals for 2019. In order to achieve these goals, the company will launch a series of strategic measures to create greater value for shareholders and is expected to promote performance growth this year and in the future. The board of directors and management team of the company will work together to create value for shareholders and promote the realization of strategic objectives

it is estimated that the sales settled in constant currency for the whole year of 2019 will increase by% year-on-year (including the recently announced replacement of the four characteristic lines of "multi variety, small batch, high energy consumption and low efficiency" currently displayed in the input 380V). At the same time, clear the LED display screen and then adjust the preset dial switch to the number of experiments for the acquisition project)

it is estimated that the adjusted EPS will increase by% year-on-year (excluding exchange gains and losses), The main driving force is that the company will continue to cooperate with customers, raise the price of innovative products, and gradually recover the operating profit margin to the level before the cost rises.

performance evaluation will be closely combined with creating shareholder value, and continue to take the 10% increase in earnings per share as the profit related index in the long-term incentive plan.

achieve a cost reduction of at least $70million, which has been reflected in the earnings per share target.

continue the tradition of the past 47 years, Propose to increase the annual dividend to the board of directors

complete the strategic assessment of whether the merger or split of the construction and industrial coating business will improve the shareholder value before the end of the second quarter of 2019

is a manufacturer specializing in laboratory specific material performance testing instruments and experimental machines, continue to strengthen the corporate governance structure, and further support the board of directors and management, By modifying the articles of association and relevant policies, the hierarchical board of directors and super majority voting rights will be cancelled. PPG has put forward these proposals to shareholders in the past, but this year it will take more measures and hire an attorney, hoping to obtain the consent of 80% of the common shareholders required to pass the proposal

Michael H. McGarry, chairman and CEO of PPG, said: "These goals reflect PPG's operational purpose, that is, to provide customers with innovative products, promote excellent operations and give back to shareholders. The% earnings per share growth goal is realistic and operable, and reflects the current macroeconomic environment. Our long-term compensation incentives will remain unchanged in terms of earnings related indicators, that is, earnings per share will increase by 10% year-on-year, ensuring consistency with the goal of creating shareholder value."

"in the past few months, PPG has actively communicated with many shareholders. The recently announced financial goals are the result of PPG's strategic planning, respond to the opinions of the majority of shareholders, and show the company's confidence in long-term development prospects and excellent operations.

"PPG is still in a good position in terms of strategy and finance. We have an excellent management team, differentiated industry experience, worldwide operation network and first-class innovative products. The board of directors and management of the company are committed to creating value for shareholders. We are very grateful to all shareholders for their feedback and constructive opinions, and will further provide updated data on the company's operations later this year." McGarry concluded

PPG: we protect and beautify the world

PPG (NYSE Code: PPG) has been committed to developing and providing reliable paint, coating and material products for customers for 135 years. Adhering to the spirit of dedication and innovation, PPG helps customers cope with all kinds of severe challenges and jointly promotes the progress of the industry. PPG is headquartered in Pittsburgh, the United States. Its operations and R & D institutions are located in more than 70 countries around the world. In 2018, the company's global net sales reached US $15.4 billion. PPG provides high value-added products and services to customers in the fields of construction, consumer goods, industry, transportation and their after-sales markets. For more information, please browse

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