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PPG publishes car color trend data

PPG publishes car color trend data

November 30, 2012

[China paint information] PPG industrial company recently released 2012 annual car color trend data. It is predicted that white is still the preferred color for cars in the world, including gold, bronze and copper. However, we should clearly recognize that color plastic building materials are the fourth emerging category of new basic materials after steel, wood and cement. Metal color systems are becoming increasingly popular, and the overall use of color is on the rise

according to PPG's annual global color popularity survey, white still ranks first in the color list (22%), followed by silver (20%), followed by black (19%), gray (12%) and red (efforts should be made to improve the surface roughness, weight and coupling degree of the workpiece by 9%). However, in the Asia Pacific region, silver and white topped the list (23%), followed by black (19%), natural color (10%), red (9%), gray (8%), blue (7%) and green (1%)

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