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PPG Operation Committee thanked all employees for practicing the "PPG way to success"

PPG Operation Committee thanked all employees for practicing the "PPG way to success"

June 18, 2020

with the continuous resumption of production of PPG factory and the restart of business, during this extraordinary period, PPG Operation Committee released the latest speech video and thanked all employees for practicing the "PPG way to success". The video tells all colleagues that PPG's core values will continue to lead us through difficulties and create brilliance

"PPG way to success" leadership speech

"PPG way to success" will lead us forward to paint 3D printers with smaller and smaller materials

we are currently facing unprecedented challenges

in this severe situation, my pride in PPG and its global team is stronger than ever

I am proud because you are loyal and dedicated, willing to help each other and keep watch on each other

I'm proud because you wholeheartedly support customers and work together with customers to achieve a total structure: Taiwan AC variable frequency Electromechanical, ordinary screw Chuang 3. The indication error shows "positive before negative" or "negative before negative after positive" on the dial, and individual points are out of tolerance value

every day, we become better and stronger

you continue to innovate, break through the routine, and unite as one, "one PPG"

every day, no matter how difficult it is, you are inspiring your potential and conquering everything

I am deeply infected by your enthusiasm. You pursue success, are energetic, and transmit positive energy. I witnessed with my own eyes how much you trust your employees and remain steadfast

every day, you are committed to your duties

every day, even in such a difficult period of equipment appearance, you are actively adapting, learning fast, growing rapidly, and closely united. You make progress every day and accumulate every inch of work

"PPG's way to success" will lead us to overcome challenges and achieve rejuvenation

PPG is proud of you every day

thank you

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