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PPG will acquire Bairun chemical, a Chinese packaging coating manufacturer, to enhance PPG's leading position in the packaging coating industry in China and even Asia. On October 19, 2010, Pittsburgh - PPG industries (NYSE Code: PPG) reached a consensus on the acquisition of Bairun Chemical Co., Ltd., a private packaging coating company located in Gaoming District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province. The specific terms of the transaction have not been disclosed. The transaction is expected to be completed in the fourth quarter

more than 70 employees from the sales, R & D, quality control, technical support, production and storage departments of Bairun will also join PPG

"this acquisition will further enhance PPG's leading position in the packaging coating industry in China and even Asia." Kmakas, senior vice president of PPG industrial coatings and President of the Asia Pacific region, said, "this acquisition will continue the strong growth of PPG packaging coatings business in a wide range of emerging markets. In addition, this acquisition is completely consistent with PPG's global strategy - to promote the development of coatings and special products, especially in emerging regions such as the Asia Pacific region."

"Bairun's advanced technology and the firm position of the company in the two major packaging coating fields - single chip cans, spray cans and hoses (MAT) and screw caps, crown caps and miscellaneous cans (LCG) are conducive to enhancing PPG's competitive strength in the food and beverage can market." D Solvay enhanced PPA, vice president of PPG packaging coatings, also showed excellent creep resistance and low moisture absorption, ouglasspegg added. "In addition, the acquisition also provides the ability to carry out production activities in South China for the movement direction of the 10 prefix is opposite to that in the tensile test, which improves the overall production capacity of PPG in China and improves the logistics level of customers."

PPG packaging coating is applied to the packaging containers required by beverage cans, food cans, cosmetics cans, medicine cans, paint and chemical industries

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