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Hot handover! XCMG excavator cut another 100 million yuan

hot handover! XCMG excavator cut another 100 million yuan

China Construction Machinery Information

with the orderly commencement of national key projects and projects

the demand of the construction machinery industry

is accelerating the release of

as a leading enterprise in the industry

recently, XCMG excavator

once again led the industry traffic boom with a large order of 100 million yuan

on March 16, XCMG excavator signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Guangxi Hekun Investment Co., Ltd. in Nanning, Guangxi, Batch purchase of 100 medium and large excavators, with a total order value of more than 100 million yuan

1 big order! It is reported that the excavator equipment purchased by Guangxi Hekun Investment Co., Ltd. in batch this time is mainly max series products

as a key product of XCMG, XCMG max series excavators adopt the advanced "pic feedforward intelligent control" technology, which saves more than 7% fuel compared with similar excavators and greatly improves the overall efficiency

since the official release of BMW Shanghai 2020, XCMG's max series products have been highly praised. This time, it won a large order in the market, which fully demonstrated its leading performance and excellent quality

2 strict selection! As a benchmark enterprise in Guangxi construction industry, Guangxi Hekun Investment Co., Ltd. has more than 1000 sets of operation equipment, with an annual construction output value of more than 3billion yuan. Since the first cooperation with XCMG excavator was reached in may2017, the company has repeatedly purchased XCMG products. This batch purchase of 100 excavators is an important decision made on the basis of a very controversial and strict selection of the quality clause

lixiaoping, chairman of Guangxi Hekun Investment Co., Ltd., said:

"XCMG is a large enterprise group in China's construction machinery industry with a large scale, complete product varieties and series, unique competitiveness and influence. We have conducted in-depth quality research and test drive on XCMG's products, and can achieve the simultaneous coordination and work test of multiple fatigue testing machines. Its excellent product quality and rapid after-sales response are very trustworthy."

3 benchmark! It is reported that Guangxi Hekun Investment Co., Ltd. has undertaken the construction of more than 130 large bridges and 360 related projects in China, and has worked with XCMG equipment to build a number of large bridges and highways in China, including Nanning Bridge, Hangzhou Bay sea crossing bridge, the small Three Gorges bridge on the Yangtze River, Xiangjing expressway, etc

benchmarking enterprises join hands to jointly promote the construction of "two new and one heavy" and infrastructure interconnection. This batch of XCMG excavators meets the requirements of C12 in semi standard; High and low temperature resistant fluorine material functional membrane, special fluorine fiber and filter products: procurement meeting high-end environmental protection requirements will greatly enhance its engineering construction strength

the rebound of infrastructure construction superimposed export growth, and the demand for construction machinery is strong. XCMG will always focus on customers, continue to deepen product technology innovation, and accelerate the construction of major projects across the country

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