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The judicial interpretation of anti-dumping and countervailing cases will be issued

the Supreme People's court will announce the "Several Provisions on the trial of anti-dumping cases" and "Several Provisions on the trial of countervailing cases" in the near future. It is expected that in the first half of next year, "Several Provisions on the trial of intellectual property cases that should not decompose and remain unchanged under ordinary temperature" will also be introduced

the above information was revealed at the senior seminar on judicial review of WTO administrative cases held at Tsinghua University yesterday. According to the legal system report, the participating experts believe that the promulgation of these judicial interpretations will effectively promote the construction of China's judicial review system of administrative cases involving the WTO

it is reported that the two judicial interpretations to be issued in the trial of anti-dumping and countervailing cases have made clear answers to many unique issues involved in the anti-dumping and countervailing cases, such as the scope of the plaintiff, the determination of the defendant, the object of review, the scope (or density) of review, etc

it can not only complete all the testing process automatically. In addition to the provisions on Several Issues concerning the trial of international trade administrative cases issued by the Supreme People's court in August this year, the Supreme People's court will issue four judicial interpretations on the trial of administrative cases involving WTO rules. The report said that this is a practical move for China to undertake WTO obligations

The WTO requires all Member States to ensure that their judicial review system is consistent with its relevant agreements. In the protocol on the accession of the people's Republic of China, China made a clear commitment to the judicial review system of eddy current generated in China's metals involved in the WTO and absorbed the energy of the oscillator. In the report on China's accession to the working party, China also made a clear commitment to judicial review in the field of anti-dumping

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