Jordan signed an agreement with the world's larges

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Jotun signed an agreement with the world's largest shipyard

Jotun signed an agreement with the world's largest shipyard

now the construction of ecological civilization and a beautiful China has risen to a national strategy

June 19, 2019

recently, Jotun announced that Jotun has signed a memorandum of understanding with the world's largest shipyard, requiring new marine coatings to reduce solvent emissions by 90%

a memorandum of understanding was signed with Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI) of South Korea this time, which is the starting point for closer cooperation and the use of new non-invasive solvent primer

during the state visit of the president of South Korea to Norway in June, Mr. oddgleditsch d.y., chairman of Jotun group, signed a contract with KA Sam Hyun, CEO of HHI. South Korean Minister of industry song Yunsong attended the signing ceremony

"the cooperation with Jotun, which affects cotton production, will enable HHI, the world's largest shipyard, to better meet the new environmental requirements of reducing solvent emissions," Sam Hyun said

Morten fon, CEO of Jotun, said that we are very proud of the agreement with the world's largest shipyard, but we are even more proud that our innovation helps improve the environment, which is very meaningful

Jotun has been committed to developing new marine coatings for 13 years, which reduces the volatile organic compounds of solvents emitted into the air from about 250 grams per liter to 9 grams per liter. By avoiding investing in factories related to VOC combustion, shipyards will save hundreds of millions of dollars. VOC combustion also leads to carbon dioxide emissions, so this innovation provides double benefits

"while developing this coating, we have carried out research in South Korea and Norway. After 13 years of research, we have successfully developed a product that can reduce solvent emissions by more than 90%. This product has better corrosion protection performance than the previous system, which helps to prolong the service life of the container and reduce maintenance needs. This is also very attractive to ship owners." Erik Risberg said

primer accounts for% of the total amount of marine paint. The new product produced by Jotun can be used by Korean shipyards and selected shipyards in Europe because the strain of elastic elements is proportional to the size of external force P. both of them have experience in the application technology of single coat primer

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