Judgment and prevention of internal leakage of the

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Judgment and prevention of internal leakage of ammonia cooler

the ammonia recovery system is an energy-saving device for our plant to process and recover trace ammonia in synthetic purge gas, which includes ammonia absorption towers 10c001, 10c003 and stripper 10c002. There are two heat exchangers between 10c001 and 10c002: ammonia cooler 10e001 and cooling water heat exchanger. 10e001 is used to cool the lean liquid from the bottom of the stripper as the flushing liquid of the absorption tower. At the same time, the ammonia rich liquid after 10e001 is heated and sent to the stripper to facilitate the desorption of ammonia in the stripper

the pressure of rich liquid passing through 10e001 is 10.5mpa, and the ammonia content is 15%. The pressure of lean liquid passing through 10e001 is 2.7mpa, and the ammonia content is 0.1%

judgment and treatment of many paper-making enterprises with losses 2

internal leakage during the operation of ammonia cooler 10e001 on June 7, 1995

2.1 phenomenon

① the analysis of lean liquid ammonia at the outlet of stripper ael0003 increased; ② The rich liquid analysis (ael0001) at the outlet of the absorption tower increased. ⑧ Gas phase ammonia analysis ael0004 at the outlet of ammonia cooler 10e004 has an upward trend and even exceeds 200

2.2 judgment

according to the above phenomena, it is suspected that 10e001 has internal leakage, but it cannot be confirmed, because the stripper itself can cause unqualified outlet lean liquid ammonia for many reasons. The method to eliminate these factors is to connect with Sinochem analysis and add samples at the lean solution outlet at the bottom of 10c002 (at the appropriate position such as the root of the glass level gauge). If the analysis results show that the lean solution ammonia index is normal, and the outlet of 10e001 cooler ael0003 exceeds the standard, that is, the ammonia analysis of 10e003 lean solution inlet and outlet is inconsistent, and the export is greater than the import, it can be judged that the 10 talent market and even show the strange state that it is difficult to find talents with an annual salary of one million. E001 leaks

2, 3 treatment methods

in order to ensure the safe operation of hydrogen recovery of subsequent energy-saving devices, it is very necessary to strictly control the outlet gas of high-pressure absorption tower ael0004200. Therefore, after judging the internal leakage of 10e001, if the internal leakage is very small, that is, the amount of rich liquid entering the shell side is very small. Even if the ael0003 exceeds the standard seriously, the ael0004 can still be controlled below 200. At this time, it is also necessary for the factory to maintain the operation of 10 companies committed to becoming a supplier of lightweight comprehensive solutions, but the number of analysis of ael0004 must be increased. If it is found that the AEL 0004 analysis exceeds the standard and has an upward trend, immediately cut off unit 11 (hydrogen recovery) and unit 10 (ammonia recovery). After unit 10 stops, drain the solution and then replace it. After the replacement is qualified, 10e001 is checked and repaired

3 suggestions and precautions

10e001 internal leakage occurs at the welding place between tube sheet and tube, and cracks appear. Therefore, it is particularly important to eliminate the defects of the equipment itself, and high-level repair welding technology is particularly important. In addition, operators should strictly follow the operating procedures to start and stop, operate smoothly, and charge and depressurize slowly, so as to minimize the accident

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