JPMorgan Chase raised the target price of Xinyi Gl

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JPMorgan Chase raised the target price of Xinyi Glass

JPMorgan Chase published a research report, raising the target price of Xinyi Glass (5. 97, 0. 17, 2. 93%, real-time market of economic communication) (00868 gradually began to create) from 6. HK $8 was raised to 8. 8 Hong Kong dollars, the rating maintained overweight

JP Morgan Chase said that the market demand for glass in 2011 is still strong due to the haze in major cities, and Xinyi Glass is one of the largest and diversified glass manufacturers in the mainland, involving the after-sales market of automotive glass, architecture, solar energy and float glass. The bank believes that the demand for glass in the mainland market is strong, and the bank's 2011 earnings per share of Xinyi is estimated to be 0.5% or faster. HK $72, 50% higher than the market

motong pointed out that recently, the price of Xinyi float glass was 2500 yuan per unit, which was high in recent three years. The bank estimated that the price would drop 14% from the current level in 2011. The 2011 sales forecast was increased by 9. 2% to 101. HK $6.1 billion, with a gain of 10. 2% to 25. HK $200million

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