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Grab! Tight supply! Titanium dioxide, resin, pigment chemical raw materials continue to rise in prices

grab! Tight supply! Titanium dioxide, resin, pigment chemical raw materials continue to rise in prices

May 13, 2021

yesterday (the 12th), Panzhihua tihai Technology Co., Ltd. issued a price adjustment letter, saying that from the 12th, the domestic trade price of rutile titanium dioxide will be increased by 1000 yuan/ton, the foreign trade price will be increased by 150 dollars/ton, the domestic trade price of titanium dioxide tha2000 and titanium dioxide pda1000 will be increased by 1000 yuan/ton, and the foreign trade price will be increased by 150 dollars/ton

since May, nearly 30 enterprises have used graphene in the textile field. Titanium dioxide enterprises have sent letters to raise prices, with a domestic increase of about 1000 yuan/ton and an international increase of about 150 dollars/ton. In addition, several manufacturers in Southwest China and other regions have no letter to directly increase yuan/ton of paint and rod pulling holes φ。 Since July 2020, titanium dioxide has risen for 11 consecutive months, and the fifth round of price increases in the year has also been implemented, almost equalling the longest continuous rise record of titanium dioxide in 2016. At present, the quotation of rutile titanium dioxide is yuan/ton, and the quotation of longmang 996 has reached 23000 yuan/ton, breaking a record high

it is understood that titanium dioxide, TGIC, neopentyl glycol, polyester resin, isobutyraldehyde and other raw materials have been in a hot trend recently. Not only has the price increased rapidly, but at the same time, the manufacturer announced that the original price was invalid. A single negotiation, closure and reluctant sale, and even a hot trend of order queuing

the supply gap is large, and the price of isobutyraldehyde continues to rise.

on the 12th, the quotation of isobutyraldehyde was 20350 yuan/ton, an increase of 3300 yuan/ton compared with the beginning of the month, with a maximum increase of 1600 yuan/ton per day, and the quotation of Luxi Chemical Industry was as high as 20400 yuan/ton. Isobutyraldehyde rebounded after Qingming, up 8600 yuan/ton, or 73.2%. Qilu Petrochemical started maintenance at the end of last month. Jianlan unit fluctuated, and lihuayi shut down, resulting in a large supply gap. The downstream alcohol ester demand is good, and the supply of neoprene is insufficient, so the ability to follow up the high price raw materials is improved. Recently, isobutyraldehyde is in short supply, the price continues to break through the cognition of the industry, and the historical record continues to refresh

the supply of neopentyl glycol is tight, and the price validity period is only half a day

on the 12th, the quotation of neopentyl glycol is 20250 yuan/ton, an increase of 2600 yuan/ton compared with the quotation at the beginning of the month, and LG's quotation is 22000 yuan/ton. In May, lihuayi and other enterprises had long-term shutdown and maintenance plans, raw material isobutyraldehyde was also at a high level, and the market operating rate of neopentyl glycol was probably reduced. At present, most of the lactam products in Antwerp are directly digested in the company. The quotation of neopentyl glycol is only valid for half a day, and the price in the morning is only valid in the morning. Industry insiders expect that the domestic market will remain in a state of shortage in May, and prices are expected to continue to rise

the supply of polyester resin is tight, and the price of neopentyl glycol is closed and suspended. The soaring price of neopentyl glycol directly leads to the inversion of the price of polyester resin. If the cost is calculated with the latest quotation, the price of polyester resin will increase by 2000 yuan/ton to absorb the increase of neopentyl glycol. At present, the market quotation of polyester resin has reached yuan/ton, and there is still room for rise in the future. Polyester resin downstream is mainly powder products. The downstream economic recovery in the second quarter, whether it is construction or household appliances and other industries, the recovery of demand is a strong pull for powder coatings. At present, polyester products are in short supply and queued for orders. Many polyester resin manufacturers have announced that they will close their plates and stop selling

epoxy resin is still expected to rise due to low load and closed market.

recently, Changxin resin sent a letter announcing a comprehensive increase in product prices from now on, up to 3000 yuan/ton

at present, the negotiated price of liquid resin in East China is around 31500 yuan/ton, and the negotiated price of solid epoxy resin is around 31000 yuan/ton. The mainstream price of liquid resin market is almost the same as that of solid resin, which has never been seen in history. In terms of solid epoxy resin, Huangshan Wuhuan will not offer for the time being, and Huangshan Hengliang, Jinfeng and Tianma will bear 30% of the load. In terms of liquid epoxy resin, Jinan Tianmao and baling petrochemicals will not make an offer for the time being, but will negotiate on a solid basis. Some enterprises said that although the pressure of environmental protection inspectors was about to be lifted, the inventory was still low on the whole

due to the shortage of goods, TGIC increased by 23.64%

after the May Day holiday, TGIC quoted 68 yuan/ton, up 23.64% from the beginning of the year. At present, the price continues to rise and the supply of goods is in short supply. The maintenance and shutdown of some TGIC merchants also has a certain impact on the market. TGIC merchants said that the price will not fall in the short term

the original quotation is invalid, and many coating enterprises increase

sample preparation

recently, Foshan Huayi coating powder technology Co., Ltd. sent a letter saying that in order to ensure product quality, we have to adjust the product price, and make an inquiry before placing an order, which will give priority to customers who agree to the price adjustment and good payment for goods

Shaanxi Lansheng new material research and Development Co., Ltd. sent a letter to customers with valid contracts without signing guarantee terms: all cash transactions; Customers who sign perfect contracts: if the due payment is not paid, stop receiving orders and shipping until the due payment is paid, and resume the implementation of the original contract; Newly developed customers: for customized products, they will pay the deposit and then receive the order for production, or pay in advance for production and delivery

Xuchang Weifeng Plastic Powder Technology Co., Ltd. sent a letter, saying that the sales price will be increased across the board from now on. New and old customers will no longer be notified one by one, and the invoice price in the sales list and the receipt of goods will prevail

Jotun coatings (Zhangjiagang) Co., Ltd. issued a price adjustment letter, saying that on the premise of ensuring product quality, the price of the product will be increased by 15% and take effect immediately

Shandong Lehua paint Co., Ltd. issued a product price adjustment notice, saying that from 7:00 on May 1, the prices of alkyd and epoxy two-component products will be increased, and the original prices of alkyd and epoxy two-component products will be invalidated

Shandong Qilu paint Co., Ltd. issued a price adjustment letter, saying that from 8:00 a.m. on May 8, the price of alkyd products will be increased by 5%, and some epoxy products will be increased by%


at the beginning of 2021, the chemical industry continued its rise at the end of last year. After the May Day holiday, the rise was even more uncontrollable. A chemical enterprise said that for all titanium dioxide, additives, cellulose, lotion and other products on sale, a single negotiation was implemented, and the price negotiation on the same day was invalid on the next day. There was no need to send a letter in advance. Orders exceeding the normal purchase value, orders with part of the payment in advance, orders with part of the payment in advance, orders with partial delivery in advance, and orders with partial delivery in full payment were not accepted. Under the premise of cash, regular customer orders were given priority

at present, the chemical market is the same day by day, and dozens of chemical raw materials are in hot market, from price increase to no quotation, from shortage of goods to no goods queue, and even the payment for goods is returned, the quotation is invalid, Limited sales and other situations, which also makes more downstream industries that are still waiting for the "inflection point" to realize that this year's rise is different from the situation in previous years, and it is not for fun. At present, foreign trade orders in the chemical market are in the majority, and the main manufacturers have received orders until June. Environmental protection inspections and emergencies have also caused producers in some regions to stop and limit production, resulting in capacity contraction. Under the situation of short supply, tight goods and high prices are inevitable trends. As for whether there will be more unexpected situations in the future, no one can predict

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