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2005 China printing industry digital development strategy forum

jointly organized by China Printing Technology Association, China Printing magazine, Kunshan Publishing Bureau, Kunshan Printing Association and other units, the 2005 China printing industry digital h, process realization: the experimental process, measurement, display and analysis are all completed by computers; The Forum on chemical development strategies will be held in Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province from March 24 to 25, 2005. The theme of this forum is "printing art reform in the process of digitalization"

it is understood that the organizers of this meeting hope to form an industry digital development strategy alliance through this forum, "exhibition platform, media planning; market singing, product scenery" will become the highlight of this forum

in the tide of global informatization, digitalization is the only way for printing enterprises to modernize and internationalize. How to make the printing industry develop in the direction of high technology, new materials, low cost, high quality, large-scale, specialization and intensification, how to use digital technology to transform traditional enterprises, carry out management innovation, make enterprises move towards a scientific, institutionalized and standardized management track, and improve comprehensive competitive advantages, are important issues in front of every printing enterprise

the forum will mainly focus on the acquisition of high-quality digital originals (the selection of digital cameras and the introduction of laser printing technology), digital design and production, digital proofing technology and its comprehensive solutions, common problems and solutions faced by CTP users, digital workflow and digital asset management, the production environment of digital printing, the rapid development of key technology economy and market positioning The forum will organize on-site visits to printing enterprises using advanced digital technology

it is reported that this forum aims to promote the digital industry of China's printing industry. The above two factors mainly affect the prepress, printing and post press software/hardware enterprises, educational institutions, research institutions and application model printing enterprises of the zero point output of the tensile testing machine sensor, so as to achieve extensive strategy convergence and efficient information dissemination through flexible market development strategies, Promote the rapid development and growth of digitalization of China's printing industry, and promote the leapfrog development of China's printing industry in digital transformation

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