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2004 printing and packaging media advertising monitoring report (I)

HC international information has long tracked and monitored the advertising information and quotation data of various professional media in the printing and packaging industry, and has a huge database in the printing and packaging industry. Through the multi angle and comprehensive analysis of these data and other relevant information, we can get the development trend of the industry and the media launch characteristics of well-known brands. The monitoring report objectively and fairly reflects the characteristics and changes of media advertising in the printing and packaging industry, provides customers with authentic and reliable data, and provides a reference basis for enterprises' advertising decisions

through the analysis of the advertising data of the printing and packaging industry from January 2004 to December 2004, this advertising monitoring report describes the overall situation of advertising in the printing and packaging industry, the main products, the brand advertising, the analysis of media selection strategies and the advertising release of various media

report description

☆ main monitoring media: 14 professional journals in the printing and packaging industry, namely "Huicong business information Advertising - printing market", "China Packaging News" new material industry is a basic industry, "printing technology", "printing today", "printing magazine", "Chinese and foreign printing and packaging", "China printing materials business information", "Guangdong Printing", "China Packaging", "China printing" Printing world, digital printing, Chinese and foreign soft concave printing, printing manager

☆ these journals are the media with the most abundant information and the largest amount of advertising in the printing and packaging industry. Through the monitoring of these important media, we can get comprehensive information about the development of the printing and packaging industry

☆ monitoring time: January 2004 to December 2004

☆ statistical basis: public quotation of various media. Due to the different discounts of various media, this article will not consider it

☆ note: China packaging daily is published from Monday to Friday; "Printing technology" is a ten day issue; "Chinese and foreign printing and packaging", "Guangdong Printing", "it should be considered that the shrinkage rate of plastic is greater than that of metal Chinese packaging", "Chinese and foreign soft concave printing" are bimonthly; Others are monthly

I. overall advertising in printing and packaging industries

1 Total advertising amount

classified amount (10000 yuan) amount proportion frequency (Times) frequency proportion number of enterprises (number) printing machinery 4110.782.92% 10315 77.6% 1746 printing ink 200.474.04% 8006.0% 531 packaging machinery 302.696.11% 9267.0% 314 packaging materials 142.262.87% 668 5.0% 192 others 201.114.06% 5864.4% total 4957.23100%%

percentage of investment amount

characteristic analysis:

from the whole industry look, The advertising amount of printing machinery accounts for 82.9% of the total amount, and the advertising amount of printing ink, packaging machinery and packaging materials is relatively small; In terms of delivery frequency, printing machinery accounted for 77.6%

according to the monitoring data, there are many enterprises in the printing machinery industry, and the competition is fierce

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