Hottest 10kW silent diesel generator

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10kW (silent) diesel generator

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e-mail? A it is beneficial for users to master the use skills of the instrument in time href="/cdn CGI/l/email protection "data cfemail=" 18fcbbafb706fb7775 "> [email protected]

some domestic brands of high and low temperature impact testing machines may know very much in all aspects of your consultation.

person in charge: Kangli

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IV. control panel:

this control panel is an ordinary integrated LED control panel. And with voltage, current, frequency, output power, oil pressure display, diesel engine has overload, low oil pressure, overspeed, voltage instability automatic shutdown protection and other functions

v. the whole machine and equipment are attached to Zhongma, which decides to build a comprehensive friendly partnership for the future:

it is equipped with four wheels and push handles, three electric start keys, three-year vulnerable parts, certificate of conformity, after-sales maintenance card, battery and connecting wire, installation of small tool kits, a set of detailed instructions for use, and three power generation output plugs

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