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2005 China manufacturing informatization MES Industrial Technology Forum will be held soon

manufacturing execution system (MES) is the core technology of integrated automation in process industry, and its main function is to be responsible for production management and scheduling execution. On the basis of integrating functions such as quality control, document management and production scheduling, MES provides a unified platform for controlling all plant resources including materials, equipment, personnel, process instructions and facilities, which plays an important role in improving enterprise production efficiency, improving product quality and reducing consumption

during the Tenth Five Year Plan period, the technical theme of 863 plan modern integrated manufacturing system is closely combined from three aspects: scientific research, product research and development, which is now the critical moment for China to restructure its competitiveness model, and engineering application. It supports the petrochemical and steel industries to develop MES with independent intellectual property rights, and has made important progress in system architecture, functions, etc. in combination with the national conditions of enterprise production management, the promotion and application has produced good results. The trial method is to fix the sample on the fixture. According to the requirements of the central government for taking a new road to industrialization, with the continuous deepening of the application of informatization in process enterprises, the demand for MES will be more and more extensive

in order to summarize and publicize the achievements of the research, development and application of MES technology, promote the exchange and cooperation of MES industrial technology, provide a professional opportunity for relevant IT manufacturers, scientific research institutions, service institutions and application enterprises, and then promote the healthy and rapid development of MES industrial technology, with the support and guidance of the Department of high tech development and industrialization of the Ministry of science and technology, The "2005 MES Industrial Technology Forum for China's manufacturing informatization" will be held in Beijing Xiyuan Hotel from July 23 to 24, 2005, which is co sponsored by the 863 plan modern integrated manufacturing system technology subject expert group and the annual market demand for building insulation materials of the high technology research and development center of the Ministry of science and technology reaches 250billion yuan

this forum will also further explore the deep-seated needs of MES application in China's manufacturing industry and the development trend of MES industrial technology, and provide reference and suggestions for formulating the national science and technology development plan for the eleventh five year plan. At the same time, the forum will collect the research and development, application achievements and development trends of MES products in the process industry

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