Hottest 10kW three-phase emergency power diesel ge

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10kW three-phase emergency power diesel generator

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person in charge: Kangli

Sunway electrical equipment address:

4. Control screen:

this control screen is a simple and integrated LED control screen with Yangpu Port and Haikou Port as the dual core. It also has the voltage, current and frequency of products, system processes and facilities that can also be used for marketing statements. It can also carry the lateral force input power and oil pressure display with low requirements. The diesel engine has the functions of overload, low oil pressure, overspeed, voltage instability, active shutdown shelter and so on

5. Standard accessories of parts and equipment:

the construction has four wheels and push handles, three electric start keys, three-year vulnerable parts, certificate of conformity, after-sales maintenance card, battery and connecting wire, device small kit, one set of detailed utilization statement and three power generation input plugs

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