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In 2002, the executive director (expanded) meeting of the modified plastics special committee of China Plastics Association was held in Qinghai in August. The executive director (expanded) meeting of the modified plastics special committee of China Plastics Association is scheduled to hold the "modified plastics hot technology and product forum" in Xining City, Qinghai Province from August 3 to 6. Key papers include: "Research on polymer/nano inorganic particle composites prepared by melt co start high-pressure mixing method", "nanoscience and technology and polymer/inorganic nanocomposites", "dispersion and characterization technology of nanoparticles", "location and application prospect of calcium carbonate in plastic modification", "improving the production status of plastic wood pallets, adapting to market competition, taking the road of technical cooperation, and striving for economic benefits" "Plastic wood composites and their preparation and processing", "nucleation theory of physical foaming of microporous plastics", "molding technology of microporous foamed plastics", "introduction of flame retardant and its application in flame retardant plastics", "flame retardant status and problems faced by plastic products used in public places", "formula and process research of flame retardant ABS", "development and application of photo biodegradable plastic bags" "The function of the belt puller of biodegradable polyester PHA and its composites, if the machine is in standby state, introduction and product characteristics: self reinforcement", "new progress in the modification and application of polyvinyl alcohol (PVOH)", "manufacturing scheme of plastic beer bottles", "production technology of steel plastic coextrusion composite profile", "Research on twin-screw reactive extrusion thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer (TPU)" "Research on the application of rare earth composite stabilizer in PVC", "PP-R pipe reinforced with stainless steel lining", "geomembrane and its application"

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