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The 2005 China business intelligence survey report

chinabi conducted a large number of survey activities in 2005, attracting a large number of industry insiders and industry users. More than 500 users from telecommunications, finance, insurance, retail, medicine, logistics, manufacturing, government, education and many other industries fully expressed their views on the current Bi industry. This survey report summarizes the essence of more than 500 questionnaires, and comprehensively summarizes the current situation of business intelligence in China. Thank you for the support and participation of many users and the strong support of business objects. This report is included in the 2005 China business intelligence selection guide, and the electronic version and printed version will be officially released on November 1, 2005

1. Overview

from a global perspective, business intelligence (BI) has become the most important information system after enterprise resource planning (ERP). Domestically, business intelligence has been recognized by more and more enterprise managers, including decision makers in telecommunications, finance, retail, insurance and other industries. Business intelligence has become the top priority of information construction in these industries. It is estimated that the market share of business intelligence in Chinese Mainland in 2005 was 600million yuan, an increase of 22% year-on-year in 2004, accounting for about 9% of the market share of enterprise management software. In the next few years, the market demand for business intelligence is strong, and the market scale is growing rapidly

2. Introduction to bi manufacturers

what is business intelligence? In short, it is a tool that can help users make correct and wise decisions about their business operations. How to use the data accumulated by enterprises to improve our understanding of business conditions and help us make timely and correct judgments in business management and development, that is, how to extract useful information from business data and then take wise actions based on this information -- this is the subject of business intelligence. At present, business intelligence products and solutions can be roughly divided into data warehouse products, data extraction products, OLAP and front-end display products, and overall solutions for a certain application integrating the above products

at present, the actual number of Bi manufacturers entering the domestic market is not large. The following table lists the manufacturers entering the Chinese Bi market by 2005

among them, business objects, IBM, NCR, SAS, etc. have branches in China. Compared with the direct sales model of agents alone, they have greater advantages in market development, channel support, brand, etc

domestic manufacturers' products in the Bi field mainly include analyzer Bi of BenQ Zhulu company (Taiwan, China, China), the reduction of density (or the reduction of coating thickness) before and after measuring friction of Shanghai Bo, the "financial smart warehouse" of Keke company, and the data integration tool gamutdi of Beijing Jindao JIAYE company

in addition, ERP, CRM, SCM and other products of some companies have integrated some functions of business intelligence. For example, the products of foreign SAP companies, domestic UFIDA, Kingdee, Boke and other companies have integrated some multi-dimensional analysis functions, making the ERP system have more flexible reporting functions

3. Industry application

most data intensive industries have a high degree of informatization, such as finance, telecommunications and other industries, which have the basic conditions and financial strength to implement business intelligence projects. In these industries, Bi is still the focus of information construction, and this part of the market is still growing in 2005. Projects of tens of millions of yuan will continue to emerge. In these industries, powerful Bi manufacturers occupy a favorable position

the insurance industry is also an important area of business intelligence. In large insurance companies, most of them have established or are establishing data warehouse systems, and have established a certain scale of business intelligence systems on the basis of data warehouse. However, according to the survey results, data warehouse has not played its due role, and its role in decision analysis is not obvious. The functions of data analysis and data mining need to be further strengthened. Most of the small and medium-sized insurance companies have not yet established data warehouse systems. According to chinabi, at present, some companies are considering building data warehouse systems and implementing business intelligence systems on this basis. Chinabi predicts that the business intelligence of the insurance industry will soon mature, which deserves the attention of Bi manufacturers

the informatization level of manufacturing and retail industries is uneven. Some companies' Bi projects have been successfully launched, and some companies' Bi projects are under construction, but more enterprises' informatization level is low. To successfully implement Bi projects, it still needs a period of preparation and brewing. It is expected that the manufacturing industry will become a new growth point in the Bi field. There are millions to tens of millions of Yuan projects in these industries, which need to be developed by many Bi enterprises

bi projects are constantly implemented in new industries, such as government, tobacco, medicine, mining, energy, tourism and other industries. In these industries, there are large projects with tens of millions of yuan, but more are small and medium-sized Bi projects with hundreds of thousands to millions. It is expected that domestic Bi integrators in these fields will make breakthroughs and occupy most of the market share

4. User selection

with the gradual maturity of China's business intelligence market, user needs are becoming increasingly clear and rational. Users are more cautious in the selection of business intelligence than before. The factors considered in the selection are no longer only the superficial factors such as the manufacturer's brand, product price, and whether the functional modules are comprehensive, but will pay more attention to whether the business model of business intelligence conforms to the enterprise's own conditions, Whether business intelligence solutions are really suitable for enterprise business and development, whether they can really meet the potential needs of enterprises at this stage and in the future, and improve the accuracy and efficiency of enterprise decision-making. The following figure shows the main factors affecting user selection

82% of the respondents said they would consider whether the business model conforms to the actual situation of the enterprise, and 70% of the respondents would consider whether there are successful cases in the industry, which shows that the user decision-making process of implementing business intelligence tends to be rational. There are two reasons why users generally have high requirements for report functions. First, Bi projects are mostly complex data analysis, which requires high report capabilities; The second is the deviation of users' understanding of Bi, thinking that Bi is a report. Then there are the requirements for brand and after-sales service. Users are not sensitive to the price of Bi projects

the high-end users of business intelligence software are mainly large and medium-sized group enterprises, distributed in banking, telecommunications, insurance, retail, power, tobacco, circulation and other industries. The informatization construction of users in these high-end industries started earlier, and their informatization construction has gradually developed from office automation, department management informatization, core business informatization to data warehouse, data analysis, data mining and other aspects. Since the construction of high-end user information system has begun to take shape, we will be very cautious in the process of a new round of model selection. On the one hand, we will consider seamless integration with the existing system to maximize the protection of previous investment; On the other hand, we will focus on the technology and capabilities of manufacturers' products in business models and services

chinabi's investigation on the purchasing behavior of small and medium-sized enterprises shows that the successful cases, price and after-sales service ability of business intelligence software have become the three factors that small and medium-sized enterprises pay most attention to, followed by brand, implementation ability, product upgrading and other factors

5. User cognition

users' interest in Bi manufacturers can explain the development status and prospects of the product to a certain extent. The following figure is the survey results of major BI products

the following figure shows the survey results of Bi manufacturers that users are most optimistic about

6. Human resources status

at present, there are about hundreds of enterprises engaged in business intelligence in China, and the number of companies ranges from dozens to hundreds. The Bi market has great development potential, but it lacks the corresponding human resources that should be replaced. At present, most of the domestic universities that offer data warehouse and business intelligence majors are key universities, and the number of trainees is limited. Therefore, the number of people with professional backgrounds increases by only about 100 every year, and some of them are diverted to traditional industries

compared with ERP, CRM and other fields, the treatment of business intelligence development and implementation personnel is higher. Even domestic enterprises have better treatment. At present, more and more people want to participate in this field. In the past two years, a batch of talents trained by business intelligence manufacturers in cooperation with various training institutions and colleges and technical secondary schools have also joined the R & D, consulting and implementation team of business intelligence software year by year. The expansion of employees year by year provides a human resource foundation for the scale expansion of Bi manufacturers, and enhances the scale development of manufacturers and the ability to meet customer needs

7. Manufacturer distribution

at present, Bi manufacturers and their branches are mostly in Guangdong, Shanghai and Beijing, covering the three major economic regions of South China, East China and North China, and the employees in the above three places account for 71% of all Bi personnel. The actual data shows that the enterprises implementing Bi projects are mostly concentrated in the above three regions. Due to the low level of economic and cultural development, the central and western regions have a low acceptance of forward-looking Bi. Only a few Bi projects are being implemented, and most of them are concentrated in the telecommunications industry. The following figure shows the regional distribution of business intelligence manufacturers

8. Sales mode

with the continuous maturity of China's business intelligence market, higher requirements are put forward for the technical strength and service ability of the channel, resulting in the problem of integrating resources and re configuring the channel system of manufacturers. Channel construction needs a long process. At present, whether domestic or international manufacturers, there are still many problems in channel management. The investment in channel support and training is still insufficient, and the ability of channel sales and service has not been greatly improved

for some foreign Bi manufacturers, with the increase of channel expansion and the acceleration of channel integration, the sales capacity of various channels of Bi software manufacturers has been strengthened. Manufacturers' agents at all levels, as well as OEM and other channels have achieved rapid growth. For the agents of BI products, they still focus on direct sales of products, and the channel construction still needs to be strengthened

for domestic Bi manufacturers, it is still mainly in the form of integrators implementing projects, and few manufacturers form independent products. In terms of OLAP and front-end display, there are many domestic manufacturers, which are currently carrying out channel construction and strengthening market promotion

in the field of Bi, there are few manufacturers that form a product line alone. Therefore, the form of enterprise alliance is common. For example, NCR mainly focuses on data warehouse products, and MicroStrategy mainly focuses on OLAP and front-end presentation tools. The two are combined to improve competitiveness

9. The professional media in the field of business intelligence mainly include China business intelligence (), which is the only professional media in this field. In addition, other media can be divided into two categories. One is it and information media, such as computer world, CCID, Tianji, AMT, ERP world and other media have set up business intelligence topics; The other is industry stations, such as those in finance and telecommunications, which also pay attention to business intelligence

at present, business intelligence manufacturers have less advertising in terms of market promotion, and public relations soft text and activities are the main market means

10. Training, consulting and supervision

at present, Bi manufacturers cooperate in many ways,

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