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Xinguolian Futures: PTA multi order bargain hunting and position reduction, waiting for the entry opportunity of new short positions

to be tested. Yesterday, ta0811, the main contract of PTA futures, jumped short and opened 60 yuan lower than the closing price of the previous trading day. After opening with 8220 yuan, it fell violently, with a minimum of 8132 yuan and a maximum of 8230 yuan. The trading volume shrank compared with the previous trading day, with 48186 hands, 62272 positions and 104 daily positions reduction

the previous trading day, the September crude oil contract on the New York Futures Exchange closed at $112.87, down $0.90, testing the $110 mark. PX stopped falling. On August 18, Asian PX stabilized at USD FOB South Korea, and European PX stabilized at USD 1345-1350 FOB Rotterdam. PTA spot remained at 8650 yuan, and the market slightly stabilized

Fundamentals: the price of upstream PX is temporarily stable, and the tensile performance of the devices that were shut down for maintenance in the early stage has resumed driving, which makes the PX market show a slight sign of improvement for the time being. In contrast, the downstream textile market of PTA is still sluggish, and the traditional off-season sales still leads to a downward trend in prices, leading most enterprises to remain cautious and wait-and-see

technically, the 5-day and 10 day moving average still suppresses the upward trend of PTA, and is still in the downward channel at present

it is suggested that investors should take more orders to reduce their positions and wait for the admission of new short positions

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