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14 years of smart watches, 15 years of UAVs, 16 years of VR, 17 years of what will be hot

recently, the well-known UAV manufacturer zero intelligent control was exposed to cut 166 people on the last day of 2016. This UAV company, which completed a round of 50million financing in early 2015 and a round of 150million yuan financing in 16 years, cut jobs on the last day of 2016, which is another cold water for the UAV market

with the outbreak of mobile Internet, in recent years, almost every year, a popular series of smart terminal products will become the new favorite of the market, including apple iphone3gs in 2009, tablet computer/ipad in 10 years, Internet/Xiaomi in 11 years, smart TV/LETV in 12 years, smart set-top box in 13 years, smart watch in 14 years, UAV in 15 years, VR in 16 years

today's users can no longer meet the scientific and technological pleasure brought by intelligence. Everyone is looking forward to the emergence of more cool mass level scientific and technological products on the basis of intelligence. Why is it popular? Because Google project glass smart glasses, Microsoft hololens holographic helmets and other products are a little far away from the mass market

these products are mainly high-end products played by some technology geeks and technology media, and have little substantive impact on the consumer market in the short term. The media and users will pay more attention to products that are easy to buy and practical, and these products are more likely to become the popular intelligent terminals of the year

however, according to the market experience in the past few years, the market attention of intelligent terminal products will gradually change with the development of time. Although the popularity of some products was extremely hot in that year, it is easier to turn cold quickly later

for example, tablet computers are no longer so popular nowadays

Xiaomi's Internet myth is almost broken

smart TV has become a standard in the TV industry and is no longer strange

cultivate and develop a group of backbone enterprises with high scientific and technological content, strong independent brands, strong market competitiveness and good comprehensive benefits. Intelligent set-top boxes are also less attractive due to radio and television factors

the smart watch market is tepid, and Iwatch sales are poor

only after this can the UAV market carry out experiments, the topic heat of the field has decreased sharply, and companies have laid off staff

vr industry is rapidly changing from prosperity to decline, and the market foam is being punctured

however, it has been in the past for 17 years. In addition to these smart terminals that have been noted before, what kind of smart terminal products will emerge this year? According to the market development over the past years, smart homes, smart appliances, connected cars, smart glasses, hydraulic universal testing machine and electronic universal testing machine, smart fun products, etc. are likely to become the market favorites this year

the CES conference held in the United States in January every year will, to a certain extent, see who will become the smart terminal product of great concern in that year. In two days, this year's CES conference will begin. It won't be long before we can roughly guess who will become the favorite of the market in 2017. At present, it seems that connected cars, smart homes and smart appliances are possible, or even home robots, but on the whole, artificial intelligence is more likely, just artificial, but in this statistical electronic pull machine, intelligence is not an intelligent terminal

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