Key technologies of the hottest digital printing

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Key technology of digital printing

1 For those samples that need to be printed by the combination of offset printing and digital printing, toner based printing is worth considering

2. The image or text printed by the digital printer shall be 0.125 ~ 0.25 inch away from the edge of the sample sheet to avoid cracks in the toner

3. Avoid overprinting the digital printing toner on the offset ink as much as possible, because the adhesion of the toner on the composite ink formed by the offset oil is not strong. If this method must be adopted, it is best to use the visual image for the image with stable and reliable offset printing performance

4. Enough space shall be reserved in the area of digital printing image and offset pre printing to adapt to various changes in the printing process; Roar rdquo; At the same time, unnecessary overprint should be avoided

5. During digital printing, make sure the paper is vertical

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